All Natural, Safe and Effective Head Lice Removal Services

We are Kansas City’s Only Licensed Head Lice Treatment Salon. Thank you for making us #1 in Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa and Leawood for All Natural, Safe and Effective Head Lice Removal Services, Guaranteed.

Manual removal of live lice and nits is the safest and necessary component of ANY head lice treatment regimen.

What you can expect from Combers KC:

Licensed, Trained and Certified in the most effective lice removal techinique, The Shepard Method 

  • Happy Heads Lice Removal Trained and Certified Technicians
  • State Board Licensed Cosmetologists, performing head lice removal services
  • FDA approved, Safe, Natural and Effective Head Lice Products
  • Professional and inviting environment, customer satisfaction is our number one priority
  • Private and effective treatments at a flat rate, no extra charge for evenings or weekends, you know what the cost will be prior to the beginning of service
  • A comprehensive treatment plan, along with a home care treatment sheet
  • A 30 day guarantee, when all family members have been checked and/or treated by Combers KC
  • A relaxing salon environment. Our treatment begins with a shampoo and ends with a Lice Free head!
  • A Kids Playroom with Chalkboard walls and Tables and Chairs for homework
  • A Fun and Friendly Atmosphere. We take the stress out of a stressful situation.



for lice and nits

Each head check is performed by one of our Shepard Method trained and certified technicians, in one of our semi private treatment rooms.

If the head check is found to be positive, your technician will advise you on the treatment options available to you. We always advise our clients to have the entire household checked, in order for any treatment to be effective and guaranteed. Once evidence of head lice has been found, the treatment process begins. We shampoo the hair and remove all Adult Lice from the head using Happy Heads All Natural and Organic Products. We comb through the hair extensively to remove bugs and nits. We then use a methodical approach (Shepard Method) to check for nits or any remaining evidence of head lice and remove that as well (this is a strand by strand method). Lastly, the client is given a final head check to ensure all nits have been removed. This Process will take approximately 90 min. It will take longer for thicker hair or a bad infestation.

A Place You Can Relax and Trust

Your family can relax in one of our treatment rooms, while watching a movie or favorite show on your own private TV, while the adults enjoy free Wi-Fi and peace of mind. With all of our training and experience Combers KC is the obvious choice in head lice treatment, prevention and awareness. Stop in or call and see what makes us the leader in head lice removal techniques.

A 7-10 day follow-up visit and a 14-day follow-up visit will then be scheduled at no additional charge.

Combers extends each treatment guest a 30 day guarantee as long as each member living in the household is checked and treated by Combers KC (if needed), and as long as all treatment guests return for their follow up visits. Call for more details.

Easy to Manage


In Salon Treatments

Please call for our Flat Rate Treatment Pricing

Head Lice Products

Safe, Effective and All Natural Ingredients Including Treatment Products, Prevention Products and the Best Nit Removal Comb On The Market: The Terminator Comb.

In Home Treatments

We can come to you and treat your whole family. Please call for mobile service details

In Home Treatments

We can come to you and treat your whole family. Please call for mobile service details

Head Checks

$20 per person

Schools, Daycare’s, Scouts and Camps get a discounted rate for Head Checks/ Treatments as well. Please call for more information.

Family Discount

Professional Hair Sylist

Combers also offers a large family discount.

We are available 24 hours a day

Our Overland Park location is on the North West Corner of 119th and Quivira, Behind Barleys Brewhaus.

Our North Kansas City, Mo. location is in Barry Trails shopping center next to the Wig shop

Overland Park


11972 W. 119th St.
Overland Park, KS 66210

Kansas City


218 NE Barry Road.
Kansas City, MO. 64155



Monday-Friday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm