We have all got those dreaded letters, emails, or phone calls from our child’s school informing us about a head lice outbreak. But, do you know your schools policy regarding lice? Some schools have a “no nit” policy, in which a child can not return to school unless they are nit (egg) free. Some schools have a “no live lice” policy which means a child can return if they have been treated and no live lice are found, nits are okay. I personally agree with both policies, and here’s why:
If you are self treating your child, there is a very good chance that you will not get every single nit out of the head with one treatment. And, this is okay, because the nits can not transfer from one head to another, so a child is not contagious if they only have nits in their head. I think it is nice to have a policy in place, where kids are not missing several days of school because of a few missed nits. 
The down side to this policy, is if the parents are not actually treating, or not treating effectively, they could still be exposing other kids. Nits in the hair, would indicate that there are adult lice in the hair that could be hiding and going unnoticed. If a parent does not treat the child to remove them, then the child is contagious, and everyone is at risk. This is where I agree with the no nit policy. Nit’s are easier to find when doing a head check because they are not camouflaged and they are not “hiding” in the hair. Sometimes the only indication that someone has lice is by finding the nits. Once nits are found, treatment should be done immediately and accurately.  
This is not the teachers, nurses, or the schools fault. A child getting head lice at school is not as common as getting it from extracurricular activities, slumber parties, sports, or other family members. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that we are communicating with each other when our child gets head lice. Parents need to be open with one another, instead of getting upset or judging another family for getting it. Discuss the issue with other parents, talk about getting kids checked, treated and clean. 
imagesCAHM1RLLIt is true that if head lice is not checked, treated and cleared from the classroom, family, and social environments, it will continue to spread. This is the #1 reason that every treatment at Combers KC comes with a 30-day guarantee. Sometimes it takes a week or two to figure out where the exposure initially came from, and in the meantime, your child may contract it again. Combers KC does not charge you for a treatment if you get re-exposed within the 30-days. We want to help find the source to help stop the spread. We know how stressful head lice can be so checking, treating and getting everyone in your social circles clean, will help eliminate the possibility for a re-infestation.
Being proactive in head lice prevention will keep you from going into panic mode when someone else has it. The best way to prevent lice, is to use a preventative product in addition to, checking often (once a week), treating when necessary, and informing others when needed. Combers KC carries a line of head lice prevention products that come highly recommended by teachers, nurses, and pediatricians, as well as other parents. They are affordable, effective, and smell great.  
Combers KC, is the only licensed head lice treatment salon in the Kansas City area. We are a full service head lice facility. We only provide safe, non toxic treatments that come with a 30-day guarantee. If you want a safe and effective treatment that’s affordable and guaranteed, call Combers KC. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you find the best solution for your head lice needs.
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