liceykid3Are you at risk for head lice?

Combers KC head lice treatment and prevention salon uses the most effective method of lice removal. With a 99% success rate, the strand by strand method is proven to be the most successful. And, with our 30-day guarantee, and you can be confident that your family will be lice free. We have treated thousands of clients since we opened in January of 2013 and we treat several cases of head lice every day.

Most Clients want similar information when they come in, but almost all of them want to know two things: where and how they could have possibly acquired head lice and what they can do to prevent from ever getting it again.

Several people ask about prevention tips that they heard or read on the internet that made them think they couldn’t get lice. Some examples we have heard over the years are:

  • I thought if I colored my hair, I couldn’t get lice?
  • I thought if I used a blow dryer, or wore a lot of hair products, that I was immune to lice?
  • I thought if I didn’t wash my hair every day that they didn’t like that and I wouldn’t get lice?
  • I thought if I did wash my hair daily, I couldn’t get it. They like dirty hair, right?

This is simply not true, as these are not effective ways to prevent head lice.

Truth is, everyone is at risk. If you have come in contact with an infected person, you can acquire head lice. There are some prevention tips and products that can help your chances of not getting it, but nothing is 100% guaranteed and none of the methods above are good prevention tips and will not protect you from lice.

untitled (11)The absolute best thing you can do is weekly combing with a nit comb. This still will not keep you from getting lice, but being proactive and performing weekly head checks with the Terminator comb, will help catch any signs of head lice early, so you can get it treated immediately. Early detection will not only make treatment easier, it will help stop the spread of head lice to others.

We also see clients who have battled head lice year round and are at their wits end. They are so overwhelmed with trying to get rid of it themselves, that they just want to give up. They have spent so much time and money treating lice, only to find out their child continues to get it over and over again. These parents are thinking, since head lice are not life threatening, why should I be concerned?

True. Head lice are not life threatening, but they are highly contagious. If you don’t treat for lice when you find it, you risk spreading them to everyone you come in contact with. Head Lice does not just go away on their own. They continue to multiply, get worse, and infect others until it is treated effectively. A severe infestation can also lead to other issues such as infections, rashes, and illnesses. Please treat for head lice as soon as you have a confirmed case so we can help stop the spread.

Does your child keep getting head lice? If you have ever dealt with head lice, chances are it’s been more than once. Some people get head lice repeatedly while others do not. There are a few different reasons why this could be happening:

  • The head lice was not completely taken care of with the treatment. If you miss just 2 nits, the whole process starts all over again.
  • It could be a re-infestation. This is why it is recommended that everyone in the house be checked when lice is confirmed. Someone can have a mild case that can go undetected until it has spread to the entire family.
  • Head lice leave a scent in the hair attracting other lice. This scent could last up to 3 months, so once you get Head Lice, you are more likely to get it again. This is where preventative products can help. All natural head lice prevention products can help cover the scent the lice leave, which will help lower your risk of getting it. As always, weekly nit combing is strongly recommended, so if there is a re-infestation, you will catch it early.

images (11)Combers KC knows how stressful head lice can be, that is why we are here; to help other families like us, get rid of head lice. We started this business because we couldn’t find any effective treatments on the market when our family got head lice. We treat our clients with all natural, safe and effective head lice treatment products with 100% customer satisfaction (Testimonials – COMBERS KC). We use the strand by strand treatment method because it is the best method for removing both the lice and the nits from the head, it has the highest success rate. There are products that claim they kill bugs and nits with one treatment, but they are not 100% proven to do so. Every nit must be removed from the hair to ensure you do not get lice again.

You can be confident that when you leave Combers KC, you will be head lice free and stress free, guaranteed.

At Combers KC, we offer:

  • We offer flexible hours, including nights, holidays and weekends at no extra charge.
  • We use all natural, safe and effective products that smell great and does non’t damage the hair or scalp.
  • We guarantee our services for 30 days.
  • We are available 24 hours a day
  • With our flat rate pricing, we are affordable, no matter how long, thick or severe the lice infestation is

If you are looking for a convenient, safe, effective, and affordable head lice treatment, Call Combers KC: (913)451-2662 or visit our