At Combers in Overland Park KS, we are a professional head lice removal company you can depend on. Plus, we can take the stress away from a stressful situation. Combers experts are well-trained and certified offering exceptional customer service and a guarantee that your family will be lice-free. Hence, it’s important that our clients, often children, feel comfortable throughout treatment. Therefore, we use only natural products and offer education about head lice infestation. professional head lice removal company Overland Park

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As you know, head lice can be a nuisance and have nothing to do with cleanliness. Actually, they prefer a clean head! While there are many products out there that claim to clear the infestation, some don’t give lasting results. So then, here are some reasons why you should use the services of lice removal experts:

  • Our professionals use natural products
  • Specific product directions and head lice information
  • Convenience and confidentiality
  • Save money and time

Our professionals use natural products

In recent years, most over-the-counter medication products have become resistant to head lice. Thankfully, our lice removal experts offer natural products to remove all lice from hair. Make sure the lice removal experts use non-toxic methods to kill the lice and their eggs(nit). Therefore, this is best for protection and safety of both adults and children.

Specific product directions and head lice information

professional head lice removal company Overland ParkTruth be told, most over-the-counter medications come with inadequate instructions of how to use them.   professional company gives excellent, specific directions. Additionally, they will be ready to answer all questions. They will teach you everything you need to know about head lice including:

  • The life cycle
  • Physical characteristics
  • Breeding habits

Lice removal experts at Combers show dedication to giving top-notch services.

Convenience and confidentiality

We offer multiple options for treatment to fit your schedule. Our salon offers convenient appointments or if you whole family needs treatment, we can schedule to provide services at your home. Ultimately, it’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable so we work towards that goal. In particular, we believe confidentiality is important, at Combers we respect everyone’s privacy.

Save money and time

For best results, professional head lice removal should be done correctly the first time to avoid additional, unwanted infestation. Thus, do it yourself at-home removal with over the counter products can often prolong the problem by not doing the job right away.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you enlist a professional with expert skill. Of course, you don’t want to waste your time and money on expensive ineffective treatments.

Combers is the best professional head lice removal company in Overland Park

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