Head Lice Myths

Head Lice can jump and/or fly?

FALSE: Head Lice can only crawl with their claw-like hands, positioned on the upper part of their body. They do not jump or fly and they can’t move very quickly off the head.

Head Lice are a sign of poor hygiene?

FALSE: It is actually the opposite. Head Lice prefer clean hair which allows them to move more freely.

After being infected you must bag personal items for three weeks?

FALSE: Head Lice can not survive off of the scalp for more than 24 to 48 hours.

Swimming can kill Head Lice and their eggs?

FALSE: The average Louse can hold their breath for up to three hours!

Head Lice Treatment Centers are expensive and not effective.

FALSE: Many times going to the professionals will actually save you money. Over the counter products can get expensive when treating a whole family and the fact that they just do not work makes it money not well spent. Prescription Lice treatment shampoos can be very expensive and require large amounts, as one bottle does not go very far. This product and all other products DO NOT kill the nits; Nothing does. Our Lice Treatment Salon Guarantees our Services for 30 days, so you can be confident that you and your family will be head lice free.

Nits the term given to the egg that is laid by a female Louse. They appear as tiny specs on the hair shaft and can sometimes be confused with dandruff. However unlike dandruff the nit will not move when you shake, brush or simply touch it. It must be manually slid off the hair shaft. They are attached with a strong glue that is produced by the Louse and can not be broken by any known product. Even after the nymph has hatched the shell will remain on the hair shaft until manually removed. The nit, in most cases is easier to locate than the actually living louse. The nit is locked onto the hair shaft itself up close to the scalp. The perfect spot for the incubation period to begin. The average nit will hatch within fourteen days and begin it’s second phase of life, known as nymph.

If you have extensions in your hair, you can’t get head lice.
FALSE. We have treated customers with extensions and the louse are able to crawl in between the extensions to live and breed on the scalp. Having extensions will not prevent Head Lice.

Over the counter treatments and prescription, treatments are safe to use otherwise they would not be available, right?
FALSE: Most of the over the counter products contain high amounts of poison, more than the average insect killer product. When you use these products, they are seeping into your child’s head and getting into their blood stream.

Nits are contagious.

FALSE: Nits cannot transfer from one head to another. A nit can hatch off the head (for example, in a hairbrush or on a bed sheet), but the conditions must be warm enough and a host must be found quickly, or the bug will die.

African American Hair can’t get Head Lice.

FALSE: We have treated several people of all genders and nationalities. Lice do not discriminate. Anyone and everyone can get Head Lice.

Coloring or Blow-Drying my Hair will get rid of Head Lice.

FALSE: Coloring your hair only colors the nits so you can’t see them as well. They are still there and will hatch within 14 days. Blow drying your hair to get rid of the adults would not be an effective way to treat lice, they would be moving around your head consistently and killing them would be difficult.

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