CombersKCDoes my kid have lice? How can I tell? What do I do next?

Detecting head lice can be difficult, you are not alone if you aren’t sure if your child has it. Combers KC gets these calls quite frequently, so we’ve put together some great information on what to look for. As always, if you are still not 100% sure, call us. We offer head checks as well as treatment and prevention options.

The very first thing to do is confirm whether or not your child has lice. Check behind the ears and the nape of the neck. You are looking for very small eggs (nits). They can be white, brown, or yellow, depending on the color of the child’s hair. They will feel hard, not flaky. If your child has dandruff or a dry scalp, it will be flaky and flat. If you have to manually pull it all the way off the strand of hair with your fingernail, it is probably a nit. No need to panic though, that’s what Combers KC is here for. As the only licensed Salon in the Kansas City area, we can help you check, treat, and prevent head lice. Call us for 100% guaranteed Lice removal. imagesCAJ900WN

Once lice is confirmed, you should check everyone else in the household, as it is very contagious. You should also contact anyone the child has been in contact with recently so they can be checked for lice as well. Notify the school nurse and make them aware that your child has lice so they can take the proper precautions at school and in the classroom. Lastly, call Combers KC, we have 100% customer satisfaction in treating head lice. We use a strand by strand method to eliminate all bugs and eggs in the hair. Our all natural treatment method is safe, effective, and guaranteed.

Combers KC shampoos the hair with all natural head lice treatment shampoo, killing the bugs. We then use a methodical approach (strand by strand method) to remove all the nits in the hair. You will leave Combers KC, stress free and head lice free, guaranteed. There are products that claim they kill bugs and eggs, but they are not 100% proven to do so. Every egg (nit) must be removed from the hair to ensure your child does not get lice again.

We know how stressful head lice can be and we can help:

  • We offer flexible hours, including nights, holidays and weekends at no extra charge.
  • We use all natural, safe and effective products that smell great and don’t damage the hair.
  • We guarantee our services for 30 days.
  • We are available 24 hours a day

If you are looking for a convenient, safe, effective, and affordable head lice treatment, Call Combers KC: (913)451-2662 or visit our website: