As the owner of Combers KC, An All Natural Head Lice Treatment and Prevention Salon, I get asked all the time: “How did my child get lice?”

Head lice are highly contagious and can spread pretty quickly. Younger children and children in group settings like school, camps, sports, and slumber parties are at a higher risk of getting lice, but no one is safe from these pesky critters. Typically one child brings it home and passes it on to other members in the home; Moms, you almost always get it when your child does. Dads do not get it as much, lucky for them! Even though dads rarely get it, they should still be checked.

A good rule of thumb; When head lice is found in one family member, it is very important to check everyone else in the home. This will keep it from spreading back and forth between the family.

Although it is difficult to completely prevent a child from getting it, there are some things you can do to help stop the spread:

  • Do not share personal belongings such as hair brushes, combs, hair-clips or other items you use in your hair
  • Avoid head to head contact with others (this is THE number 1 way lice is spread). At sleepovers, advise children to sleep head to foot and have every child bring their own pillow from home.
  • Ask your child to store hats, coats and other personal items away from everyone else in a locker or a back pack
  • Wear longer hair up off the shoulders, in a bun, pony tail, or braid
  • Preventative products that contain tea tree oil, rosemary, lavender or eucalyptus, used on a regular basis, will help prevent your child from getting it.
  • Combing your child’s head once a week with The Terminator Nit Comb will help detect head lice early and prevent the spread
  • If your child does get head lice, be a friend, tell a friend. You should contact the school nurse and whoever your child may have exposed, so they too can check and handle it quickly before it spreads to other children.

We do not recommend using the over the counter products or prescription medicines to treat a head lice outbreak. These products contain pesticides that are extremely harmful, especially in young children. Not only are they dangerous, but they do not work as effectively as they use to. Head Lice have evolved over the years and built a resistance to these products, making them less effective. If you have been using these products and you continue to find lice, this could be why.

If your child keeps getting lice after you have treated, these tips might help you. There are a few different reasons why this could be happening. The first being, the head lice was not completely taken care of with the treatment. If you miss just 2 nits, the whole process starts all over again. Another reason could be a re-infestation. This is why it is recommended that everyone in the house be checked when lice is confirmed.  Someone can have a mild case that can go undetected until a re-infestation. Lastly, head lice leave a scent in the hair attracting other lice. This scent could last up to 3 months. This is where preventative products can help. All natural head lice prevention spray can cover the scent the lice leave, so you are not attracting head lice. As always, weekly nit combing is strongly recommended, so if there is a re-infestation, you will catch it early.

If you suspect head lice, call Combers KC. We can schedule a head check to determine if a child does in fact have head lice. We can then advise you of several safe and effective options for treating it and preventing it in the future. Combers KC is the only licensed Salon in the Kansas City area that is trained and certified in Head Lice Removal. Call the Professionals at (913)451-COMB (2662) or check out our website: We are available 24 hours a day to help families struggling with head lice.