About Lice and Nits

About Head Lice

Lice are not dangerous and do not spread disease.
Lice are tiny, wingless parasites that feed on blood drawn from the scalp. An Adult Louse is no bigger in size than a sesame seed and they can vary in color. The parasite has six legs, positioned at the top part of their body and a longer extended back. Which enables them to move through the hair efficiently and quickly. While Lice can run very quickly in the hair, they can not jump nor can they fly. A baby lice or nymph will become an adult within fourteen days and will die within thirty two.They are however contagious and can cause some very serious discomfort for both those infected and those trying to deal with the issue.

About Nits

Nits is the term given to the egg that is laid by a female Louse. They appear as tiny specs on the hair shaft and can sometimes be confused with dandruff. However unlike dandruff the nit will not move when you shake, brush or simply touch it. It must be manually slid off the hair shaft. They are attached with a strong glue that is produced by the Louse and can not be broken by any known product. Even after the nymph has hatched the shell will remain on the hair shaft until manually removed. The nit, in most cases is easier to locate than the actually living louse. The nit is locked onto the hair shaft itself up close to the scalp. The perfect spot for the incubation period to begin. The average nit will hatch within fourteen days and begin it’s second phase of life, known as nymph.

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